Dog Caring Tips for Busy House Sitter

These days almost everyone is busy in multiple works. Are you pet and house sitter but busy in order to take care of the dog in the house?

Looking after a dog is not a small responsibility as you can get irritated with the dog licking you and you don’t know why do dogs lick people , things can get frustrated as well. You will have to face some ups and down while looking after the pet.

But the good news is that even if you’re busy person still you have chances to good care of the pet in your busy schedule.

You cannot get free completely from the responsibilities but you can manage time for it and I’m going to discuss few tips that will surely help you. You need to ready for the challenges.

You’re house sitter, your friend or any relative asked you to look after the dog in the house or you’re paid for the job. So, the house has a pet inside it and you will have to take care of him but you’re busy as well, you have a lot of work to do other than that, taking care of that dog is not the only thing you want to do. This guide is specially arranged for such people in such situations.

Now, you are responsible for their health and food. But it becomes hectic when you are too busy in other works. But let us help you with it.

Get all the information from Owner:

The best thing you can do is, get at the house before the owner leaves you with his dog and house. Ask him questions regarding the pet and get all the information that you think you might need them to take good care of dog.

Like, how much old the pet is, what he eats, when he sleeps, when he use to pee and poop and when he needs a bath, also when he like to go outside on a walk.

Does the pet have some illness? Does the pet have any problem anywhere? Does he bites and everything thing you can think of, just ask the dog’s master, it will surely help you a lot. Spend little time with dog in supervision of his master. Understand all circumstances before he left the pet for you.

Time Management and scheduling:

I know if you are busy then you just can’t spend your whole day with the dog. So for that, time management is important, a well written plan and schedule take place there. If you schedule specific time for the dog, you can save a lot more time.  You only need a routine and you will have to stick to it. As you are busy, so you know how much it is important to have a right routine to follow. Set up a schedule and live it by.

Here are some key points that you need to consider, in order to take good care of the dog and these will ultimately help you in doing things more faster but with a proper guide, planning and time schedule you can do it much better.

  • Feeding
  • Training
  • Grooming
  • Health Care


These four tactics are the basic needs of the dog. Once you get firm grip over them, your life will become more peaceful. Let us explain the above terms then we will discuss about managing them.

Feeding the Dog or Puppy:

If you got a puppy of age between 6-8 weeks then he needs to be feed 5-6 times a day. But if you got an adult dog then it is easy to feed. Make a routine and schedule the time and feed him as much he needs and spend your whole day peacefully.

Place a litter box, add the meal and let him eat. Routine and scheduling time is time saver here. You would know that in the next hour I will have to feed the pet and you can do your all work before that or postpone for some time.

You can also save your time by ordering food online. Make sure that your dog has all essential and basics supplies to be provided to him.

Training the Dog or Puppy:

By training, when they’re young can help you a lot. They’re easy to train but it depends what you want him to do on your order. If you don’t want him to sit and jump on the bed or sofas and spread the hairs everywhere, training them can help you in keeping them stay out of bed and sofas.

Not entering to the kitchen, eating from just the litter box and stay away when you’re having a meal on the table. Training a dog is really important.

Potty training is really important so that you don’t stop and tired of cleaning their poops and pee. You can also train them to sleep in his place only and don’t go outside of the door so you won’t get in trouble in finding him back.

Yes, it is true that teaching an older dog is little more difficult, but they can be trained, which is possible.

First of all, you can call the owner of that pet and ask them what tricks his/her dog knows. Now, if he is trained with basics commands and tricks then life are easy otherwise, you will have to train them so that they don’t bother you. If you got a good budget then you can hire a trainer as well.

Also, whenever you go outside and if you can bring dog with you then take him and walk with you as he also need daily exercise and its good way to make him walk with you while you’re doing your job like buying groceries etc.s

Grooming the Dog or Puppy:

Dog and puppies are mostly playful creatures, they roll, jump, run and sit and do a lot more stuff. He gets dirty, so he needs a shower, his teeth might get dirty, so he needs his teeth to be brushed. Make sure to apply all grooming things i.e. Clipping nails, removing ticks if he got, shower, brushing teeth and furs, cleaning ears. By grooming you will decrease the work that may result if not groomed well such as illness, ticks, pain in ears and jaws.

Health Care:

Health care of the dog is also essential to notice. Have a vet contact details and show the pet once in a month or 2 months because his health condition is more critical thing as if he gets ill or got some pain then you will have to look after him for hours and hours which will take a lot of your time. Get the dog to vet for proper check up, see if something is wrong to avoid more hectic conditions.

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