Standard poodle diet

The poodle is such a beautiful breed of dog. That’s why in America it’s come under the list of top 10 most adopted breeds of dog as per AKS statistics. The beautiful fur of poodle makes it unique from other breeds. The poodle comes in three different sizes. Usually, the most American has standard poodle which is slightly large in size. The other two size of the poodle is miniature and toy. Due to the different sizes of the poodle, the nutrition requirements of each of them are different. That’s why as a poodle owner, you must be aware of your poodle’s nutrition requirements.

The nutrition requirements for standard poodles are different from small poodle like a toy. In order to keep your poodle healthy, active and good condition, you need to know about its diet. You can concern about this with your vet or look at the list of ingredients when purchasing food for your dog.

Nutrition needs of standard poodle:

Due to the size of the standard poodle, the nutrition needs of standard poodle are different from them. But there isn’t much difference in their diet. The height of standard poodle can be as high as 22 inches and weight can be up to 70 pounds once they reached their maturity age. Also, on different levels of age, the need for nutrition gets changed. For example, when the poodle is a puppy, it required more protein, fat, and carbohydrate as compared to the adult and grown poodle. Same like that, you need to feed a puppy more often where the adult poodle does not require feed more than two times a day; morning and evening.

So, all of these things need to be considered when deciding the diet of the poodles including their nutrition needs. It has been believed that fats are not good for the poodle because their belly is not very big as compare to other breeds while they have quite a skinny look overall. That’s why the owner hesitates to give them fats. According to the research, the fats are equally important for the standard poodle. They help in the overall growth of the poodle body and help to keep their muscles strong. Just like that, the recommended amount of protein and carbohydrates are important to give them on each meal.

In markets, the companies who manufacture foods for dogs are now labeling the food with the breeds’ name. So, it is not difficult anymore to find the perfect food for your standard poodle. You can also take a recommendation from your vet when choosing a brand for your dog or ask from the previous owner or animal shelter center for the recommendation.

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Food for poodle:

Other than branded food, you can also give food from your house to the poodle. These foods include:

  • Oranges: This help to clean liver and kidney and enhance the overall health of the poodles
  • Lean meats: This could help to fulfill the requirement of protein among the standard poodles
  • Vegetables: Poodles can eat many vegetables like string beans, baby carrots, zucchini, and peas.

With a little research about the diet of a standard poodle, you can end up a perfect diet plan for them. I hope that the above information will help you to make a diet plan for your standard poodle to keep him active and healthy.

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