A Few Things to Know About a Pet Parrot

Parrots can make great pets, but there are many things you should know before you buy a parrot as a pet. The following are some of the more important parts of parrot ownership.

Parrots are not a domesticated animal

Unlike dogs and cats, parrots are wild animals. Unlike other wild animals, they can make great pets, but you have to understand their nature. A dog, for example, needs food and water as well as a few minor things, but if you treat the animal well, the dog will return the kindness. They have been bred through the ages to be companions to people. Parrots, on the other hand, have not be bred for companionship or as work animals. They have no natural inclination to behave in a certain way around people.

You will need to train your parrot

Dogs need training, but this is mostly to teach them how to behave around strangers. They have a natural inclination to be loyal to their masters. Parrots, since they are wild, are not going to accept you as a master, but they can still be taught. You will need to use treats to reward them. Wild animals don’t respond to commands without the reward of food. This is much different than what you see with dogs. They will go to great lengths to please their master and can be taught a wide range of things with the simple reward of a pat on the head.

Parrots have a special diet

In the wild, parrots eat a wide variety of foods, so you need to understand what these foods are, and then provide them with this type of diet. If you have never owned a parrot, you may think all you need to do is feed them birdseed. You could not be more wrong about this. Most parrots appreciate nuts and seeds, but in the wild, they eat fruits, vegetables, and plants. To make matters more complicated, some birds will like certain foods more than others. This means that you need to know what foods to feed your parrot, and then experiment with what the parrot likes best. All the while making sure that your bird is getting the right nutrition. There is food that can be bought at pet stores designed specifically for parrots that will give them all of the nutrition they need. Although these foods are something you should have on hand, a parrot may get bored with eating the same thing because they don’t eat the same thing every day in the wild.

Parrots need more activities than other pets

You cannot simply put your bird in a cage and leave them alone. To a parrot, this is cruel. There are toys that you can give them to play with when they are in their cage, but you will need to introduce new items periodically. A parrot is a smart animal, so they will get bored easily. Because they are wild animals, you will not be able to keep them in a cage permanently. You will need to let them out of their cage, so you should plan on doing this regularly.

The main thing to remember about owning a parrot is that it is a commitment. You must prepare yourself ahead of time, so you will know what to do and what not to do. You will also need to purchase certain items before you bring your parrot home. You can buy bird products online, and some of these products are specifically for a parrot.

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