Don’t Let Your Pets Attract Pests – Control and Treat Pests With Pet Friendly Pest Control

Pets are great family members and companions that offer love and care like no one else. They offer you company whenever you desire for and provides great sense of security.

However, they too can become prime source to the pest issues. Dogs and cats serve as major transporters of the smaller pests including bed bugs and fleas. Read on to know more about it and the best ways to control and prevent from it.

Some of the most dangerous bugs no pet owners want indoors

  • Fleas

They are small brown insects that hide in shady and cool areas among leaves and shrubs until a host including your pet passes by. They then jump on them and are brought into your home that can ultimately become a menace. They can sometimes even bring tapeworms and other such serious diseases.

  • Mosquitoes

They are an outdoor nuisance that can become indoor issue if not taken care of. Heartworms that are spread through mosquitoes carrying infective larvae are deadlier issue for the dogs.

  • Ticks

They even love to hang on wooded and shady areas waiting to get attached to an unsuspecting host. Once they get attached, they feed on the blood of the host and can transmit many deadly diseases.

  • Botflies

The larvae of botfly hang out in grass latching on warm blooded hosts that passes by. Some of the common symptoms of the botfly infestation include aggression, blindness, seizures, etc.

  • Kissing bugs

Just like ticks and mosquitoes, kissing bugs too are blood suckers. They get attracted to warm blooded host like your dog. They can even be the cause for deadly disease in the dogs as well as people termed as Chagas disease.

Controlling and Treating Dog Pests

Prevent the infestations before they can start by making use of flea preventive for your dogs. They are available in numerous forms to suit yours as well as the preferences of your pets including spot-ons, flea collars, and oral medications.

A tick preventive can help you protect your dog from ticks. Just like flea preventives, they are available in different forms. Some of them even protect against fleas and ticks both.

The presence of pets can coax raccoons, rats, as well as bed bugs out of their hiding places that can cause outbreak of chaos in your entire home. However, there are some quick ways to lower the possibility.

It is obvious that most of the pests seek for shelter, food, or even both when they come in your home. One of the most important things for the pest control is to keep all the pet food secure and allowing no chance for the rat or raccoon to get into it.

Pests are not only just confined to your property. Sometimes, your family hound might be blighted by everything from fleas to ticks and spider infestations to bed bugs. So, make sure to seek a proper pest control treatment to protect your pet and home from infection and infestation.

Contact a right pest control company right away. Once you ensure their protection, make sure to check Twin Cities pet-friendly map and take your pet to the best pet friendly places in your town and enjoy with them!

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