How to Keep Your Dog Alive when Dog Food is No More

Man’s best friend shouldn’t have to perish because grocery and pet stores don’t have pet food stocked on their shelves. If you have a dog or other pet and would like to keep them alive after SHTF, then you’re going to have to learn some recipes for creating dog food. So before you decide to let your dog go and be free in the wild to fend for himself, you could try some of these ideas to keep your dog fed after doomsday approaches.

A Look Into the Past

History always tends to repeat itself and the same is likely to happen again. Back before pet food became mainstream, what do you think pet owners fed their dogs? They would feed them scraps from the dinner table. Then after the World War II error, horsemeat was used in pet food sold in stores. It was a way to get rid of the surplus of horses and cans as an effort for the war. It wasn’t until the 60s and 70s when dog food started to become a commodity of its ow.

Making Your Own Dog Food

If you don’t want to simply feed dinner scraps to your dog, you can instead make your own recipe for him to eat. This would consist of a three course meal – vegetables, meat and rice. Since dogs are omnivores, they are able to eat a variety of foods, just like we do. They’re not carnivores. A dog that eats a lot of meat will become hyper and overly aggressive. It also does harm to their kidneys. Using the below recipe has helped to improve the liver function of dogs and it is cheaper than buying canned or dry dog food.


The Recipe for Dog Food

  • Boil white rice with or without chicken bullion cubes. This will provide your pup with carbohydrates, which boosts energy and easier digestion. The chicken bullion are for flavor of course. Sometimes, you can use potatoes instead. Don’t ever put pasta because it can damage your dog’s teeth.
  • Use frozen or fresh veggies like green beans, peas or mixed veggies. Green beans are very good for digestion, plus they have fiber.
  • You can use a variety of meat, including chicken, beef, turkey, tuna, eggs or wild game.

The ingredients in this recipe should be in thirds. You can feed your dog two half meals in the morning and at night. The amount you give your dog will be determined by his size.

A Few Tips About the Ingredients

The rice you purchase for your dog’s meal can be purchased in bulk – usually in 25-50 lb bags. This is the least expensive way to do so. Try going to a warehouse like Costco rather than a supermarket. You can then place them in a container to keep the rice fresh. Usually, you will need two cups of water for every cup of rice that you cook. For large dogs, you can do eight cups of water to four cups of rice.

As mentioned, green beans are the best veggies because they are fibrous and have plenty of nutrients. You should stay away from corn, lima beans and similar veggies because they don’t break down easily.

When choosing the type of meat that you want for your dog, it all comes down to what your dog likes to eat. You can cook the meat to avoid contaminations. Cut it up into small portions for easier digestion. Chicken, eggs and tuna are inexpensive. If you choose wild game, make sure to cook it thoroughly to get rid of any possible parasites or intestinal bacteria.

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