Select the Best Combination of Live Fish for Aquarium

You may have a dream of getting a large aquarium for your home. If you are a lover of fish and want to keep fish at home the best way to do is to get the most exotic fish from the market and display it. Keeping live fish in an aquarium is a great idea to add beauty to your space. The small fish are available in various colors and species. You can search online and find a lot of fish stores and buy fish. Here are a few suggestions for your fish aquarium at home.

The Mexican walking fish

It is a great choice. If you want a fish that walks make sure you get the Axolotls fish. It is good for almost all kinds of aquariums. The fish is almost 16 or more cm in length. So, you will need a large aquarium if you keep this fish with others.

Goldfish and Guppies

Goldfish and guppies are some of the most common fish that you can keep at home in the aquarium. Both fish can be quite easy to keep add to the beauty of the aquarium. Guppies also have the added bonus of being very easy to breed. It is why most people buy these fish for home.


These are not those large sharks. These are special aquarium sharks which are not larger than 25cm in the case of silver sharks with others varieties being usually no bigger then 12cm. These are the freshwater sharks and are available in various colors silver, rainbow, red tail, etc..

Mollies, Danio and Platy

The freshwater Mollies, Danio, Swordtails and Platy are the best small sized fish in your aquarium. If you want a large pack of fish swimming around your aquarium, make sure that you buy these fish. These are available in different colors, sizes, and patterns. The average size of these fish is 3 to 5 cm.

The live freshwater catfish

Catfish species is versatile, and you will find that there are three coolest catfish for freshwater aquariums. You should get Bristlenose, Corydora, and the Peppermint catfish. You can keep these with other freshwater fish or have a separate aquarium for these.

There are much more freshwater fish that you can buy online form the well-reputed fish stores. There are so many fish such as Barbs, Angelfish, Endlers, Platy, Tetras, etc.

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